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The Resurrection of my Model A Coupe
Parts 2

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Early Ford rear-end.  Wide 5 bolt pattern.


1951 Ford 1 1/2 ton truck.  I would like to use the steering box and column from this.


A 1928/29 AA cowl and chassis.  I got the headlight bar and buckets.  The cowl may be a future project.

Well, that is all the raw parts I am starting with.  Pretty rough I know, but when you have zero dollars to build a hotrod, this is what you start with.
I will cut the 30/31 AA frame and weld on some 2"x4" steel tube to make the frame.
I plan on building a plywood buck over the frame to locate the body correctly to build patch panels for the parts that are missing.  Also steel out the inside for the structure for the body with 1"x2" steel tube.
Thanks for looking.